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Police Security Smoke tear gas Shell Drone Launcher

The UAV smoke bomb tear gas launcher system can be used for public safety, law enforcement, police use, counter-terrorism, combat, coverage, and evacuation.

The basic purpose of smoke grenades and tear gas grenades is to create visual barriers to the enemy, which is very helpful for attacking or defending the enemy. However, in many special environments, the target area cannot be accurately thrown, causing delays.

During the flight of the UAV in the air, the remote control is used to control the drop and drop to realize the fixed-point and high-altitude drop from the command position. UAVs can use tear gas more flexibly. It breaks the ballistic limitation of the traditional tear gas launcher and can spray the tear gas defense line vertically before the demonstrator hits a specific area, and its accuracy and effective delivery distance are far superior to traditional launchers. In this way, the military and police can also launch tear gas attacks from a safer position.

The drone is used to release tear gas. The advantages are, of course, low cost, easy access, easy control, and simple maintenance.

Therefore, the drone smoke menu and tear gas launcher system were designed. The common DJI M300 drones and DJI M600 drones on the market can be adapted, lightweight, quick release design, 4-8 launches It is widely used in the police field.

1: Appearance design
UAV tear gas transmitter is made of aviation aluminum, high strength, lightweight, strong anti-electromagnetic interference: industrial style design, a strong sense of weight, exquisite appearance: it is manufactured by high-precision numerical control processing technology: surface corrosion resistance And wearable. Made of aviation aluminum. It has the advantages of high precision, high strength, corrosion resistance, and strong wear resistance.

2: Security and stability
The vertical launch of the UAV launcher reduces unnecessary fragile structures, and the design is more in line with the structural mechanism. The smoke grenade launcher system is particularly suitable for DJI drones. It can greatly reduce the impact of the launcher's recoil on the flight stability of the UAV.

3: Quick installation and deployment
The design of the sliding groove and the spring lock buckle realizes quick installation. Just push the spring lock to lock the transmitter to complete the installation, double protection, safe and reliable. Just press the spring lock and push the transmitter slightly to remove the transmitter quickly and easily. Pull the label-style buckle when loading, lift it up and quickly reload, just gently press.

4: Convenient power supply
Insert the device end connector of the power cord into the power port of the transmitter. The body end connector is inserted into the OSDK port on the top of the DJI M300. The power supply is successful (DJI M300 plug, with anti-reverse plug design)