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  • High power Spotlight for DJI Matrice 300

  • Loudspeaker for DJI Matrice 300 MP130

  • Long time light
    Max 6 hours endurance flight time VTOL

  • long endurance VTOL

    Long endurance VTOL

  • 2 in 1 Speaker and Spotlight Payload For DJI M30

We are a drone manufacturer, Multi-rotor drone, VTOL, Drone Payload for DJI Matrice, drone sensor and accessories, one-stop drone solution provider.

Industrial drone solution provider& manufacturer, the drone for industrial inspection, mapping & survey, public safety, surveillance, drone accessories, drone payload, drone parts. industrial drone solution provider

Drone For agriculture

agriculture sprayer drone for land plants, pesticides, fertilizer spraying. seeds spread. Orchard,woods and governance mist spraying.

Drone for Public Safety surveillance

Drone For Public Safety,Drone for Police Use,UAV dorne for patrol,law enforcement,search rescue.Drone for surveillance ,

Drone For Industrial inspection

Drone (UAV ) for industrial inspection ,included the cell tower and gas pipeline inspection,power line and wind turbine inspection.

DJI Matrice 210 Drone

Drone for Mapping&survying

Drone Mapping included Oblique photography,Orthophoto,3D Lidar Scan,cloud points, a full solution with drone, camera and lidar sensor.

air wanter environment monitor drone

Drone For Environmental monitoring

Drone with air sensors to detect air condition, included the PM2.5, PM1.0, SO2.CO,CO2,O3,VOCs, also the water condition.

aerial photography drone

Drone For enterprise aerial photography

Drone for photo and video,4K.5.2K Ultra HD,with different camera,also can carry the 3 axis gimbal camera to shoot in the skype.

drone uav product

Products Supply

A variety of drone products are available.widely used to different working fields,the drone carry different payload,camera ,sensors for different solution,we supply the full sets of drone products.

drone training

Drone Training

Drone training included on-site training or online training and remote technical guidance, our technical support always on your side, any questions quickly answered and responded via video/voice call or instant chat and Email.

drone repair

Repair maintain service

After-sales service, maintenance and repair, when your drone has problems, we provide one-year quality warranty, you can contact our technical support as soon as possible, we will diagnose the problem together, and then propose a solution.

Multi-rotor drone, easy to operate,stable performance,compatible with different payload for multi-task.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone,It is easy to operate with vertical takeoff and landing.long time flying,for surveillance and mapping & surveying.

Hybrid Electric Drone ,long time flying,good for long distance task,work with multi-task platform,heavy payload.

Enterprise Drone Solution

Agriculture spraying drone (UAV), mainly used in farmland, orchards, flower buds, pesticide and fertilizer spraying, sowing. The drone is equipped with a radar system, GPS and RTK to achieve accurate centimeter-level positioning and obstacle avoidance. The PFV wide-angle camera can view real-time working processes, one-button take-off and landing, automatic route planning.
In agricultural crops, vegetation growth management.

The drone is equipped with a multi-spectral camera, taking pictures through a multi-spectral camera, and analyzing these pictures through software, which can accurately and quickly analyze the crop growing status.

Public safety drone. as a new type of high-tech equipment, the drone's application in the daily tasks of the public security department will greatly improve the working efficiency.Drone equip with different payload,such as 4K camera,30X optical zoom camera,thermal imaging camera,laser night vision camera,tear gas launch system,speaker,lights etc , drone working for patrol,surveillance,search and rescue,criminal arrest,law enforcement.

Drone in industrial fields, such as drones in the power line, oil, energy industry, telecommunications industry, road bridge fields, construction fields, ports, and railways industry. Improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of industrial inspection.

Mapping & Surveying Drone, the drone is equipped with camera and lidar device, work for oblique photography, orthophoto, and 3D Lidar Scan, work in GIS industry, Roads, bridges, real estate construction, smart city planning, emergency command, disaster assessment, land and mineral measurement, lake and river management, volume calculation, cultural relics survey.

Drone for air and water condition monitoring, drone with camera and air/water sensors payload, real-time monitoring the air condition, included the CO, CO2, SO, O3, VOCs, No2, H2S, NH3, PM2.5, PM1.0, temperature, and humidity..etc, for the water condition monitoring, included the Watercolor, PH value, rich in oxidation.

Drone Gimbal Camera for Multi-rotor and VTOL, the camera induced optical zoom with tracking, thermal imaging, laser night vision, Laser Ranging finder, location resolution,DJI payload SDK gimbal camera for DJI Matrice 200 series drone.  support PWM, S. BUS and TTL, DJI Skyport, all parameters have been perfectly set, you just need to install the gimbal camera to UAV, then ready to fly.

Drone payload included the DJI SDK payload, such as the Air monitoring sensors, zoom spotlights, night vision camera, loudspeaker, drop box , drop release hook, smoke bomb, tear gas launcher,fire extinguishing ball, Multispectral sensors and more on the way .

Underwater drone, smart for underwater inspection, survey, surveillance, fishing, underwater drone with the arm and sonar,4K HD camera, find the wonderful underwater world.

Drone UAV Payload

1:In public safety fields.Police drone, surveillance and patrol drone, the UAV payload as below:

  • 30X optical zoom camera,4K camera,thermal imaging camera,laser night vision camera.
  • speaker, spotlights, tear gas launch system, fire extinguishing ball, drop release hook system, emergency drop box, rubber bullet launcher.

2:In mapping and surveying field, drone for oblique  photography, orthophoto and 3D Lidar Scan.payload below;

  • HD camera,5  camera, lidar device.

3:In agriculture fields, drone for pesticide, fertilizer spraying, and the seeds spreading.crop growth management

  • Seeds spreader, mist machine, multispectral camera, hyperspectral camera.

Drone Gimbal Camera, Drone air monitoring sensors, drone water sampling kits, DJI drone SDK payload.DJI Payload SDK, DJI Matrice loudspeaker, Led spotlights, laser night version camera.

cooperate with usmake your work easy

For the enterprise drone, we focus on the drone that fulfills the actual work, we know that our customers want a full solution, whether it is the surveying and mapping industry or the police or agricultural field, or the industrial inspection field, we have many mature solutions. In the past few years, we have been committed to providing customers with efficient drone solutions.

Focus on

Focus on drone applications and manufacturing, development & customization, services, software, we provide a full solution to make the cooperation more comfortable and simple.

Products Innovation

The drone industry is developing rapidly, many new demands are being applied in continuous development, and products have been optimized and updated. our R&D team is always moving on this.

Fast Delivery

We strictly abide by our commitments in handling the delivery time. The production process, logistics status,we will keep in touch with customers at any time.we also offer reliable, low-cost logistics solutions for our customers.