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Drone Application included the drone in industry inspection, public safety, air and gas monitoring, agriculture, mapping and survey, also included the DJI enterprise drone

Drone Agriculture Spraying

Agriculture spraying drone included,the uav for agriculture spraying,sowing.fertilization,and also the orchard, woods, foggy spraying of pests and diseases,the drone size from 10L-15L liquid tank, also included the Large load hybrid drone.smart and high efficient.DJI Agros series also are available.

Drone For Public Safety

Drone for Public safety,fast and efficient working way,drone with HD camera to do search and rescue and surveillance,drone with thermal imaging camera to do nigh working or fire rescue,also drone with speaker , with spotlights ,and with emergency box, drone with drop rope,drone with tear gas launcher,UAV working in Law enforcement, patrol, police field,

Drone For Air Environment Monitoring

Drone for Environment Monitoring,Drone with air detection sensor,the sensors can real-time monitoring of air condition.such as the PM2.5,PM10,and CO̵ NO2̵ O3̵ SO2̵ VOC,the Data is transmitted back to the ground segment analysis software in real time to produce air quality distribution map

Underwater drone for fishing and underwater inspection

Underwater drone with a powerful thruster,4K HD camera, and arm, for underwater inspection, photography ,discover the wonderful underwater world, for finish industrial, check the underwater fish condition, find fish, with sonar system can detect underwater fish.
Drone Mapping
Drone For Mapping & Surveying

Drone For Mapping & Surveying

Drone Mapping and surveying,Using the multi-rotor drone or fixed-wing drones,or the VTOL ,Drone with HD camera or the 5 pin ccd camera,do oblique photography,orthophoto,also drone with Lidar sensors, do land scan, a full solution with drone in mapping and surveying fields,Accurate and efficient work.
drone power line inspection
Drone For Industry Inspection

Drone For industrial inspection

Drone For Industry Inspection,Drone with 30X or 36X optical zoom camera, planning route, autonomous flight,check every details,for power line inspection,for gas oil pipeline inspection,for the communication tower inspection,for the solar panel and wind power energy industrial inspection,also the drone with air condition sensors and water quality monitor device for environment inspection.
DJI Enterprise Drone
DJI Enterprise Drone

DJI Enterprise Drone

DJI industrial drone .we are the dealer of DJI enterprise drone,the Drone platform as DJI Matrice 200,210 and 210RTK, DJI Matrice 600 Pro , DJI Winds 4,8 ,and also the DJI payload,such as Zenmuse Z30 zoom camera,the DJI Zenmuse XT2 thermal imaging camera,the widely DJI SDK developped payload.
DJI SDK Payload

DJI SDK Payload

DJI SDK Payload is DJI Open source program, Third-party partners can develop payload to be compatible with DJI Matrice 200 series drone, recently included the drone loudspeaker, spotlights, laser night vision camera, air monitoring sensors, mapping camera, Multispectral camera. Ultraviolet UV camera.