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DJI M600 Pro tethered system
Tuesday, 01 December 2020 / Published in Drone New
We are a professional supplier & manufacturer for tethered drone systems, from 2.5KW-10KW tethered power system, 50M-150M length tethered cable, supporting 2Kg-15Kg payload UAVs platform. 1: What is a tethered drone ? There are 3 parts of a tethered drone; the ground power station,the air power units that mount to the drone, the tethered cable
DJI T20 Agras agriculture drone
Thursday, 26 November 2020 / Published in Technology
The DJI Release its new agriculture spraying drone, DJI Agras T20, it is a powerful and smart 20L agriculture sprayer drone, let us introduce the price of DJI Agras T20 and its specification, features. With its powerful performance and outstanding spraying capabilities, the DJI Agras T20 is capable of autonomous operations over a variety of
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 / Published in Technology
In the natural gas, oil refineries, and chemical plants industries, methane gas leak away is high-risk events, the pipeline inspection is an effective way to find leaks, especially by using a drone, drone-mounted a remote methane leak detector, the drone laser Methane gas leak detector can efficiency and high accuracy to do this work. Natural
UV camera for DJI Matrice 300
Friday, 28 August 2020 / Published in Technology
Corona discharge detection is a key part of the power inspection. The corona discharge detection equipment currently mainly includes infrared thermal imagers and ultraviolet cameras. The accuracy of infrared thermal imaging technology is not good. Due to daylight interference, background noise during the detection process Large, affect the detection accuracy, and when it detects heating,